Wednesday, April 30, 2003

7% of Web Users Donate to Charity

7% of Web Users Donate to Charity:Everday more than 109 million Americans go online. The Pew Internet and American Life Project summarized its findings of what they actually spend their time doing online. Not surprisingly, email tops the list (93%). While "make a donation to charity" was done only 7% of the time (equal to taking a class online for college credit, but less than "making a phone call over the Internet" and "Buying groceries online" -- both at 8%), it was surpirisingly close to those who "buy or sell stocks, bonds ot mutual funds" (12%). In fact, if you view the other activities that people do online, the Internet is the place where people "use a search engine to find information" (85%), "look for a hobby or interest" (77%), "look for health/medical information" (66%) and "look for religious/spiritual information" (28%) -- activities that can be part of the philanthropic and voluntary engagement. The other silver lining in all this is that it topped "gambling" which was at the bottom (5%).

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