Monday, June 23, 2003

The New York Times Gets it One-Third Correct

The New York Times Gets it One-Third Correct
The top story making the rounds in the world of philanthropy is the latest report from the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, which showed only a 0.5% decrease in giving among individuals, corporations and foundations in 2002. The New York Times article which gave an analysis of the report was helpful, but incomplete.

While the $241-billion in private giving is substantial, the fact is this amounts to only 30% of all charitable revenue.

Over 64% of all charitable income is generated by fee for services (33%), and from government (about 31% which includes federal, state and local). With the government at all levels slashing spending on all social programs (from education and housing, to health care, the arts and environment), and the economy still weak, the vast majority of charitable revenue is in jeopardy.

The private giving figures are a glimmer of hope, but by no means the entire story.

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